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A Special Update

Written by Colin Shaw

16 November 2018

‘For everything there is a season’ said the writer of Ecclesiastes. In other words a time for change. Coming back to N.Z. after many years overseas and then heading up City by City has been an immense privilege and joy. However for some time Grace and I have felt that God had something new for City by City. Something that would include a more focused, strategic way of encouraging and supporting city wide unity and prayer across N.Z. with new, younger leadership.

Since relocating to Whanganui it has been a joy to connect with Nigel Irwin, Central Baptist pastor and the leader of the Whanganui Christian Leaders Association. It became obvious several months ago that Nigel was the right person to take over the leadership of City by City. We have witnessed Nigel’s passion for city unity and prayer here in Whanganui and in other N.Z. cities and are truly blessed to be able to pass the baton to someone of his calibre.

It is a blessing also seeing how the WCB eldership team are affirming and supporting Nigel as he becomes more involved across the nation. It is good also to have other mature leaders from around N.Z. supporting this initiative. Grace and myself will continue to support Nigel as well as supporting and encouraging other city leaders.

Nigel is also making preparations for and giving oversight to Movement Day N.Z. May 14+15 in Lower Hutt, Wellington. A two day event celebrating unity, prayer and transformation in cities, towns and regions across New Zealand. Sharing stories that will highlight what God is doing through grass roots Kiwis working together. There will be great worship plus international and local speakers promoting the need to reach our cities and towns together.

For more info go to the home page on this site or email:

Until next time

God bless


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